Source (some data)
 Name and vital stats
  GRAHAM, LORENZ BELL [1902- ] (writer)
  University of California at Los Angeles; Virginia Union University
  experience of segregation; discrimination & violence
  Living in Africa; travelling widely
  P.E.N. International (past president Los Angeles Center)
  Southern California Writers Guild
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Designer: Instructional materials: 1958+ Short stories for school texts> 58 59 60 61
  Writer: Novels: 1946 How God Fix Jonah [trilogy about a black family in America]> 46
  Writer: Novels: 1947 Tales of Momolu> 47
 Performing Arts
  Speaking engagements: universities, writers' groups, even world leaders
 Other career notes
  Assistant: to W.E.B. DuBois, who wrote the forward to his 1st book
  Teacher: At 22, spent 4 years as a missionary teacher, Monrovia College, Liberia
  Teacher: Literature & creative writing
  Association for the Study of Negro Life, History citation 1959> 59
  Child Study Association of America 1958> 58
  Honorary Dr. of Humane Letters, Virginia University 1983> 83
  Los Angeles City Council citation 1966> 66
  Southern Calif. Council on Literature for Children, Young People award
  Thomas Alva Edison Citation Charles W. Follet Award 1956/58> 56 58
  Vassie D. Wright Award Book World, First Prize 1967/69> 67 69
 Promotional comics
  A ROAD DOWN THE SEA~ (wr/) 1971 religious comic> 71
  DAVID HE NO FEAR~ (wr/) 1971 religious comic> 71
  EVERY MAN HEART LAY DOWN~ (wr/) 1970 religious comic> 70
  GOD WASH THE WORLD AND START AGAIN~ (wr/) 1971 religious comic> 71
  HONGRY CATCH THE FOOLISH BOY~ (wr/) religious comic
  JOHN BROWN'S RAID~ (wr/) 1972 religious comic> 72
  BIOGRAPHY (wr/) 1955> 55
  MACBETH (adapt/) 1955> 55
  OX-BOW INCIDENT (adapt/) 1955> 55
  STORY OF JESUS, THE (adapt/) 1955> 55
  TEN COMMANDMENTS (adapt/) 1956> 56
  TIME MACHINE, THE (adapt/) 1956> 56