Source (some data)
  Ken Jackson; checked by Ed Jurist's daughter, Libby Titus (Jurist) Fagen
 Name and vital stats
  JURIST, ED A. [1914-93] (writer)
  Not to be confused with Ed Jurist, TV producer/writer
 Family in arts
  Brother-in-law: Jim Mooney
 Performing Arts
  Producer: TV: Room for One More, 1962> 62
  Story Editor: TV: Patty Duke Show 1964-65> 64 65
  Writer: TV series: Bewitched
  Writer: TV series: I Dream of Jeannie
  Writer: TV series: M.A.S.H.
  Writer: TV series: The Flying Nun
 Retired from comics
  to open the Vintage Car Store in Nyack, New York
  STRANGE ADVENTURES~ (pen/) 1956> 56
  STRANGE ADVENTURES~ [The Second Deluge of Earth in #75] (wr/) 1956> 56
  The Second Deluge of Earth in #75 (wr/) 1956 in STRANGE ADVENTURES> 56
  Various features (wr/) 1946-53> 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53
  Historical fiction (wr/) 1949-50 in TREASURE CHEST> 49 50
  PRIEST OF SHARK ISLAND (wr/) 1950 serial in TREASURE CHEST> 50
  MY OWN ROMANCE~ (wr/) 1952 in #21> 52
  NELLIE THE NURSE (wr/) 1947> 47
  Romance (wr/) c1950> 50