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 Name and vital stats 
  MORRILL, ROWENA [1944- ] (artist)  
 Pen names 
  ROWENA (in science fiction)  
  Tyler School of Arts; B.A., University of Delaware  
  Ingres; Bosch; Brueghel; Rubens; Van Eyck; Vermeer  
 Print Media (non-comics) 
  Artist: Advertising  
  Artist: Books: Courtship Rite; Dream Park; Blue Adept; Circumpolar; The Warhound and the World's Pain; Madwand; Project Pope  
  Artist: Books: The Return of Retief; Split Infinity; The Divine Invasion; The Sword is Forged; The Sword of Winter; Golem 100  
  Artist: Magazines: National Lampoon, painted covers  
  Artist: Paperbacks:  
  Artist: Paperbacks: Blue Adept, Courtship Rite; Burning; Faith of Tarot; Darker Than You Think; Devil Wives of Li Fang  
  Artist: Paperbacks: Dimensions of Miracles; Diplomat at Arms, Faith of Tarot; Isoabel; Sandkings; The Time Bender; Iron Lords  
  Artist: Paperbacks: Dracula Book of Great Vampire Stories; Abode of Life; Alchemy and Academe; Basilisk; God of Tarot  
  Artist: Paperbacks: Into the Alternate Universe; Meanwhile, Project Pope; Prometheus Design, Retief's War; Vision of Tarot  
  Artist: Paperbacks: Retief of the CDT, Nightwalk; Retief to the Rescue, Yearwood; The Best of Randall Garrett; The Divine Invasion  
  Artist: Paperbacks: The Color Out in Space; The Dark Dimensions; The Dreaming Jewels; The King Dragon Last Incantation  
  Artist: Paperbacks: The Malacia Tapestry; The Synthetic Man; Titan's Daughter; The Unknown Five; Whispers; Unless She Burns; World Shuffler  
  Artist: Portfolios: Fantastic Art of Rowena 1983 > 83 
 Additional biography 
  Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists 1988  
  HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE~ (paint/) 1982-83 > 82 83 
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